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  • Zip:315000
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About Us

YD INTERNATIONAL is a leading supplier of transmission belts in China. Our mentality is “not only quantity, but quality”. We do market segmentation very well. We have three brands for different markets:
which is designed for aggressive applications. Anti-Static, Heat&oil resistant, High performance, Durable, Less downtime and Less maintenance. It have
YD LIONTM Wrapped V belt/Vee belt
YD LIONTM Notch V-belt/REC V-belt/Cogged V-belt/Raw Edge V-belt/Raw Edge Cog V-belt
YD LIONTM Banded V belt
YD LIONTM Variable Speed Belt,
YD LIONTM Double V-belt,
YD LIONTM V-belt for the automotive industry
YD LIONTM Ribbed belts/Multi-Rib Belts/Poly V-belts
YD LIONTM Agricultural belt
YD LIONTM Combine Harvester Flat belt
YD LIONTM Textile Conveyor belts
YD LIONTM Steel Cord Conveyor Belt
which is designed for normal working conditions. High performance-price ratio. It works every good in normal working conditions.It have
YD OXTM Wrapped V-belt
YD OXTM Banded V-belt
YD OXTM Double V-belt
YD OXTM V-belt for the automotive industry
Which is cheaper v-belt with normal quality. It need more labor to maintain and replace the belts than others. It is cost-efficient for developing country where the labor is cheaper to maintain. Finally It save your money!It have
YD DEERTM Wrapped V-belt: A,B,C,D andFM/9.5

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